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While his peers from university all started their career in some of the most glamorous industries (finance, investment, banking, energy), Ulysses' first job was in telesales selling corporate sports hospitality packages.

He only closed his first sale AFTER 6 months, after receiving 2 Non-Performance Warning Letters. He never participated in social gatherings as he was too ashamed of his under-achievements as compared to his peers.

Never did he knew his first job, laid the foundation to his ongoing success in the corporate training industry where he helmed the top post for the largest training provider in Southeast Asia, overseeing sales territories across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Today, Ulysses owns a training company that creates in excess of 300 training events per year, a global online education platform that works with digital course creators worldwide, and a boutique training firm that specializes in the personal development niche.

Ulysses now dedicates most of his time to help experts worldwide in different industries to become the Only Logical Choice in their market. He is also an International Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach & Trainer and has trained students from Fortune 500 companies around the world.
Never, Ever, Let Anyone Tell You "You Can't Do It"
Ulysses went from a Nobody, to training, speaking and coaching around the world in the space of just 6 months. Students from Fortune 500 companies attend his trainings in Personal Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Win-Win Negotiation, and Expert Presentation Skills.

His effort alone is not enough to empower the world. He believes that if he can teach trainers and coaches how to monetize their expertise and knowledge, then more lives will be impacted.
What Top Experts Say

Former Partner, KPMG UK

"Ulysses is one of the most energetic consultant I have worked with. He has an excellent way of breaking any task or problem into manageable chunks and then coaching you through those chunks to a successful outcome. He has a great understanding of business process, and particularly useful is his ability to see where people get stuck in process".
~ Vincent Neate

Former Colonel, Indian Army

"Ulysses is an intelligent and trustworthy trainer who transfers knowledge in an easy and friendly manner keeping in mind the learners' strategy. He has brilliant business sense and is especially good at trainings in a business environment. I strongly recommend Ulysses for his Business Trainings."
~ Colonel Sudip Mukerjee

Founding Partner, ShiftIN, UAE

"We've been partnering with Ulysses for over 2 years and we found multiple synergies, thanks to his deep understanding of the capabilities building and executive education market. Using his expertise, we have expanded our reach to Southeast Asia and Africa and have strengthen our presence in the Middle East. Having reliable and trustworthy advice are key assets for any consulting companies, and we have found these 2 top qualities in Ulysses."
~ Rafael Lemaitre

Leadership Coach, Australia

"I first had the pleasure of working with Ulysses when he advised me with PROVEN marketing strategies to attract high-calibre clients. It was a huge success! In just a few short months, he has helped us increase more than $40,000 of sales. His passion in business, focus and in communicating complicated concepts, in an easy to understand way, make him a powerful and influential authority in his field. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Ulysses..grab it!!!"
~ Luke Salway
What Our Students Say

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

"Ulysses is very sharp in his coaching and he helped me to gain clarity in the work that I do. As a professional coach myself, I strongly recommend anyone to get in touch with Ulysses. He has the heart for people to grow and achieve their dreams. Contact him NOW!"
~ Jennifer Lim

Management Facilitator, Australia

"I have had the pleasure to work on numerous projects and the results were always a SUCCESS for which I give thanks to Ulysses. It's his professional experience that makes the difference. One thing I like is his trustworthiness and high level knowledge of the training and development areas."
~ Richard Coles

Interactive Hypnotherapist

"The things that Ulysses teach, it was very clear and applicable and it made a difference straightaway because I was able to identify things that I didn't know and utilise new tools straightaway to get new clients."
~ Nenad Popadic

Digital Course Creator

"Ulysses has helped me to fast-track my course creation and funnel to maximize revenue from each customer. I'll recommend this to all my friends and you should seriously look at it."
~ Cyrus Tan

NLP Master Coach & Trainer

"Thanks Ulysses for your support! Thank you for all the materials...they have been invaluable for me. Simple and Step-by-Step is how I like things. Your support with my questions and the wisdom in your guidance has been crucial to my development."
~ Alison Stanworth

Innovation Specialist

"Ulysses' program really helped me to start from the fundamentals all the way till the advanced level... in order to scale up my training and coaching business. This program is really the tool that will help you to achieve what you want."
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