NLP Sales Success Bootcamp
For Business Owners & Sales Professionals
Are You Ready To Finally.....
 Gain the UNFAIR advantage used by top 1%
 Discover non-verbal communication 'hacks'
 Establish rapport with anyone FAST
 Anchor the state of buying in your buyers
 Sell without selling
Read This Before Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Ulysses Wang
What if you are able to learn this One Simple Equation, that has allowed me to build a 7-figure business in less than 8 months? *Hint: it has nothing got to do with business strategies...

Or what if I can show you my hidden strategy of how I get my prospects to 'fall in love' with me even before they become my customers?

Or what if I tell you that all selling, doesn't require selling at all? And I will show you exactly how I do it in all my business.

It's Ulysses here and if the above looks/sounds/feels like what you want? I like to invite you to my close-door NLP Sales Success Bootcamp.
Over the past few years, I've had the privilege to serve hundreds of Business Owners, Experts and Sales Professionals around the world to truly understand Human Behaviours, specifically going deep into how prospects make buying decisions.

Business in a wide variety of niches such as:
 Financial Services
 Real Estate
 Consulting Firms
 Service-based business
 and many many more.....

Datuk Zainal Abidin
Former Senior Vice-President
Sales & Business Development

"I should have joined this course years ago!"
Vincent Neate
Former Partner, KPMG
"Ulysses is one of the most energetic consultant I have worked with. He has an excellent way of breaking any task or problem into manageable chunks and then coaching you through those chunks to a successful outcome. He has a great understanding of business process, and particularly useful is his ability to see where people get stuck in process, using his exceptional skills as a trainer to help me overcome barriers and create new possibilities."
Luke Salway
Leadership Facilitator & Motivational Coach
"I first had the pleasure of working with Ulysses when he advised me with PROVEN marketing strategies to attract high-calibre clients. It was a huge success! In just a few short months, he has helped us increase more than $40,000 of sales. His passion in business, focus and in communicating complicated concepts, in an easy to understand way, make him a powerful and influential authority in his field. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Ulysses..grab it!!!"
Colonel Sudip Mukerjee
Former Colonel, Indian Army
"Ulysses is an intelligent and trustworthy trainer who transfers knowledge in an easy and friendly manner keeping in mind the learners' strategy. He has brilliant business sense and is especially good at trainings in a business environment. I strongly recommend Ulysses for his Business Trainings."
I Implement What I Teach For My Own Business...
Here's the thing... I do exactly what I teach. I run different businesses in the training and development niche. As a result of being a practitioner of my own system, I regularly conduct training for Fortune 500 companies, and enrol C-Suite level coaching clients, and teaches these 'closely-guarded secrets' to students in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Dubai, India, Cambodia.....
I'm not a Marketing or NLP 'Guru' that teaches paper theory. Most of these gurus probably have never done what they teach others.

In case you're wondering what's my NLP credentials, I'm an International Master Coach and Trainer from the American Board of NLP, the largest NLP authority in the world. This really doesn't mean anything... because most NLP 'coaches and trainers' I know, only teach paper theory.

When you come to my NLP Sales Success Bootcamp, I will show you how You Can Implement It Immediately.

You will discover the strategies and steps that I personally use, and the same that has helped all my students around the world, and the very same that will help you too.

It's gonna be a casual, cozy setting. No crazy huge stage, no intimidating atmosphere, no boring powerpoint. So I can really show you how to use NLP to achieve sales excellence, and you can take home what matters most to you.

I don't intend to profit from this event. So im gonna make it super affordable. And it will be even more worth it for you because we will do it at a hotel venue with lunch and tea breaks included so we can really maximise our time together!

The only reason why this is taking place on the 8th November in Penang, is because I will be making a keynote speech for a conference the next day where the Chief Minister will officiate the event. So I will be in Penang anyway... And I want to drop MASSIVE value to you while I'm there!

This is not a 'preview' session or a 'pitch fest' where it's all sales presentations and 'rah-rah' with no real content. If I really want to do that, I just need 2 hours, instead of a full day. And I will pack as many people as I can in the room. This is not what we're doing at my NLP Sales Success Bootcamp.

This is a 100% training where we go deep into actionable strategies, things that really matter most to your business and career.

Deal? Alright, below are the details and how you can book your spot at this NLP Sales Success Bootcamp. This page won't be up for long. So secure your spot while it's still available.

I'll see you on the 8th November.

Your New Best Friend.....
08 NOVEMBER 2018

Saeed Al Yammahi
Vice-President, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

"This NLP training was informative and top notch! The outcome was amazing!"
The NLP Sales Success Bootcamp Will Reveal.....
The Winning Mindset Equation
“How Understanding This One Simple Equation Will Change Everything For You”
Ultra-Fast Rapport With Anyone
“I’ll Pull Back The Curtains To Reveal How I Use Specific Mind 'Tricks' To Build Instant Rapport... With Anyone!”
Anchoring + Preframe + Reframe
“All Sales Start Way Before You Meet Your Prospects. You'll Discover How These 3 Elements Will Get You To Sell... Without Selling”

Jennifer Lim, Professional Certified Coach, ICF

"Ulysses is very sharp in his coaching and he helped me to gain clarity in the work that I do. As a professional coach myself, I strongly recommend anyone to get in touch with Ulysses. He has the heart for people to grow and achieve their dreams. Contact him NOW!"
Jeff Lim
Great Eastern Life
"This is a very good and practical training and I fully recommend it!"
Ooi Ho Seng
Financial Consultant
"This NLP course is not typical classroom training. There were many role plays and real examples to see how NLP work in practice. If you want to see this world differently, take this training!"
Natalie Yong
Tip Top Talent Consultancy
"Excellent, fantastic, the best training ever! You must attend this training and results will be proven during the training!"
Exclusive Bonus When You Join My NLP Sales Success Bootcamp
You'll Get Access Downloads To My Personal 5 Full Client Kits + 10 Best Selling Planners To Increase Your Revenue! (Total Value of $397) For FREE...

Nenad Popadic, France

"The things that Ulysses teach, it was very clear and applicable and it made a difference straightaway because I was able to identify things that I didn't know and utilise new tools straightaway to get new clients."
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08 NOVEMBER 2018
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is The Duration Of The Event?
The duration is from 9a.m to 6p.m.
What Time Do I Need To Arrive?
Breakfast will be arranged at 8a.m. Please arrive at that time for breakfast and networking. We will start at 9a.m sharp.
Who Should Attend?
Ulysses highly recommends this Bootcamp for:

- Business owners whom are responsible for growing sales in their company.

- Sales professionals who want to grow their business.

- Agents, advisors, coaches who want to sell products and ideas more effectively.

- Sales representatives and their managers who want to stay in the game long enough to win.

- Sales professionals who want to move beyond stagnant levels for better results and more satisfaction.
Can I Join If I'm Not A Business Owner or I'm Not In Sales?
Yes. As long as your business or career, involves you to influence, persuade, convince another person, you will greatly benefit from this Bootcamp.
Are lunch and tea breaks included?
Yes! Breakfast will be at 8a.m. Lunch will be around 12.30p.m. And an afternoon tea break around 3.30p.m.
Where Is The Venue?
It will be at a 4-5 star business hotel venue with proper training room facilities. So we can all be comfortable throughout the day. We will inform everyone the venue details 1 week prior to the event date.
Why is the price so attractive? Is there a catch?
This event is easily worth $1000 per participant to attend. The only reason why it's priced so attractively is because Ulysses is giving a keynote speech at a conference the next day where the Chief Minister is officiating the event. And so, without travelling time and costs he is able to keep this Bootcamp affordable for all. The only catch is that you get to spend 1 full day discovering proven NLP sales techniques with him and being pampered with hotel delicacies at the same time.
When is the next Bootcamp if I miss this one?
Ulysses usually conducts this around the region in conjunction with his travel. So we don't really know when the next one will be in your city again. Write in to team @ if you can't make it and we'll keep you in the loop if there's another session in the future.
Who Can I Contact For Questions?
You can email us at: team @ - All Rights Reserved @ 2017 - 2020
16 Purvis Street #02-246 Singapore 188595
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