The #1 Reason Why So Many Trainers and Coaches Are Broke
So here's the truth.

There are many trainers, coaches, experts, influencers out there whom are broke. And it has got NOTHING to do with their knowledge in the subject.

Obviously being Broke means No Sales in their business. The only question here is, WHY?

Because almost all trainers and coaches are playing the game all wrong! In fact, let me go on to highlight what a typical situation looks like...
Here's the typical scenario...

A trainer/coach needs to have revenue, what does he do next? Hint: We all see it on social media EVERYDAY...

He will post sponsored ads, especially on Facebook, and start to 'spam' his products and services everywhere...

Now here is the first problem. No One Cares What You Have Until They See Value!!!

I term this as Value Marketing, where a provide gives value UPFRONT, without asking for anything. But sadly, most trainers and coaches are doing the reverse.

Let's just assume that people do click on the post. Where do they go? And here's the next problem. Visitors usually end up on a boring product explanation page. There's no conversion system in place!

A conversion system brings your visitors from Point A (where they enter) to Point B (where you want them to be).

Let's take for example. I want to generate leads. So I'll give value upfront to my site visitors and at the end, give them an option to opt in to my list.

The value you give must MATCH the specific action you want them to take.

You cannot expect to show a page of product description and then Sell Sell Sell. You can actually, only if the Sales Page is rock solid.

Are you guys getting this?

Now think about this, why aren't people buying your online course, or live trainings, or coaching package?

The main culprit is usually a weak product positioning and message. This is the Single Most Important foundation step to scale up exponentially. Before you think you already have this... Im not referring to just having a product name and a one-page flyer.

Im referring to really deep product positioning and message that speaks to your target audience.

So look at the graph above. This is a vicious cycle that most Broke trainers and coaches are in everyday.

Now, here's what Tony Robbins once said...

"If You Want To Achieve Success, All You Need To Do Is Find A Way To Model Those Who Have Already Succeeded"
If you take what's work out there, and Reverse Engineer what we know isn't working...

This is what a 7 or even 8 figure trainers and coaches are doing.
Don't waste time on posting on social media and hoping people will share or buy your courses or package.

Don't waste time to work with 'partners' that promise to promote you but nothing happens after months of constant contact.

Instead, focus on these 3 CORE ELEMENTS.

Step 1: Develop A Rock Solid Product & Messaging.

Step 2: Super Conversion Using Funnels.

Step 3: Consistent & Awesome Traffic


Don't fall into the vicious cycle of driving traffic everyday to a non-converting system and show your audience a weak product positioning.

Here's a golden nugget for you.....

Traffic Will Make You $$$ ONLY When You Have A Rock Solid Product And A Conversion System

So, this means that you shouldn't be traffic to an 'empty factory'. Traffic is important, whether you are selling in-person services or digital products, you need consistent traffic.

However, don't waste money on ads to drive traffic if you don't have Step 1 and 2 already in place.
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