Read this if you do previews for your students...
Are preview sessions useful to sell into your main program/course/product?

The answer is Yes.....and only if you do it correctly.

Im gonna compress more than 10 years of curating previews (or orientations as some call it) and dozens of successes both offline and online, into the following for you to implement immediately.

Most presenters offer a free preview to introduce their products and services. This is ok.

Number 1 thing here is the Headline of your preview. It got to have curiosity elements.

If you use "Mastering Leadership for Workplace effectiveness". This is nothing wrong. However it's like an everyday thing your audience reads in the newspaper and it'll get them to think that it's nothing new and they know it all.

If we change it to: "The one thing all Fortune 100 companies' leaders do to stay at the top of their game, and how you can duplicate it overnight"...then it puts all sorts of questions into your audience's mind and curiosity gets them to want to know more.

The number 2 thing here is rather counter-intuitive...and you may question whether will it work. My guarantee to you is that if you do this, it'll dramatically increase your closing rate at your preview sessions.

It is to NOT TEACH your content. I know as an expert in your field, you'll be eager to showcase your knowledge and your best content so your audience will see you as an expert/authority. However this is what kills the closing. When you teach content during previews, you'll only put more questions and doubts in your audience's mind, and c'mon let's face it, all respectable fields of knowledge takes some time to digest and can't be done in just a few hours.

The main objective in a preview is to let your audience have a paradigm shift...let them walk into a new identity...shatter all their old beliefs and empower them with new ones. So that they will be ready to make a change in their life.

Let's take fitness as an example. If i were to do a preview and teach a full routine of exercises, nutrition intake, supplements knowledge, sleeping habits...........Which of these are not known to anyone? Everyone knows what needs to be done to get in shape. What they're lacking of is a set of beliefs that will empower them to do it.

If i structure my presentation around breaking their old beliefs...which are likely that they think it's gonna be tiring to exercise, no time, expensive to sign up for gym memberships.....and i work on busting these old (and usually wrong) beliefs, what will happen at the end of the preview is that they will feel "hey, i can do it too!".

By the way, all fitness experts will tell you that you will feel more energetic after exercises, you don't need a lot of time to do it, you need not get expensive gym memberships...

The number 3 key to doing this is using stories, not teaching. Use specific stories to bust each of these old beliefs. And back it up with case studies.

No one can totally change in a few hours of preview. What you can only do is to empower them with new beliefs, let them have a paradigm shift, get them to be ready to make a change.....then your product will be positioned for massive sales at that time. - All Rights Reserved @ 2017 - 2020
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