Position Your Products To Attract High-Calibre Clients
There're 2 types of clients you can serve.

#1 - I call this group the 'normal' clients. This usually forms the main bulk of any trainers or coaches clientele list.

#2 - I call this group the 'high-calibre' clients. They're highly likely to give you more business, or refer a ton of business to you, or just simply having them as your clients will blow up your credibility.

Given any day, I'll always choose to work with high-calibre clients.

Positioning of your products and/or service is key. Get into the minds of these people and really know what they're looking for.

Many people talk about being different in the market to stand out.

Well, Yes, you want to be different. However you want to be different and attract the right people to you.

Know the audience you want to work with, reverse engineer the marketing process... and watch the magic happens...

And as you start to attract your dream clients, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get some form of testimonial... These're going into your client-attraction tool kit.
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