OMG 😵 Im diagnosed with this syndrome.....
I was 'officially' diagnosed with a particular deadly illness, that gets a person to lose focus, drains energy, insomnia, although it does sometimes gets you a little hyperactive...

All entrepreneurs will somehow get this in their entrepreneurship journey...

It's call the "Shiny Object Syndrome".

As an entrepreneur, we are always easily attracted by another new thing that we can add on to our business.

It can be a new can be developing a new can be a new can be a new marketing tool.....

Sometimes it feels like if we don't pay attention to it, we may lose out on a big opportunity 😱 Have you ever felt the same before?

Easier said than done.....however I still got to say it as part of my responsibility to all my Inner Circle members...

Get Focused !!!

This Shiny Object Syndrome stuck with me for years. Until I got the perfect solution to balance the need to focus, and the need for excitement.

Want to learn this?...

My focus is always on my core products, my core funnels. To satisfy my 'cravings' for new things, Im always thinking of how I can add to the core, instead of creating a totally new thing.

Let me give you an example.

I always knew that I could teach presentation skills to my audience. When I created an online training on story telling, it went well for awhile. When I was struck with the Shiny Object Syndrome and I need to fulfill the excitement of creating something, I developed a framework, which is now known as the Expert Presentation Formula. I went into creating a nice logo for it, and even got a designer to draw out a chart with cute little cartoons. In fact that went on to become a lead magnet that helped me to build a list of over 2000 opt-ins within a few months. When the need to create something comes again, I re-recorded the online course. And now even developed a live program as a middle ticket item to complement the entire funnel.

Now I have a lead magnet that is working 24/7 to build my list in this niche, I have a working funnel to sell a low ticket item (online course), I now have a middle ticket item (live program), and I may even structure a group coaching mastermind as the high ticket item. All these are still focusing on one core product and niche.

So instead of putting your time and resources on totally different things all the time, think about how can you create more value on the same funnel that complements each other. - All Rights Reserved @ 2017 - 2020
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